The ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Development

The ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Development

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Cod produs/ISBN: 9780198757269

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Limba: Engleza

Nr. pagini: 384

Coperta: Hardcover

Dimensiuni: 28.19 x 2.29 x 22.35 cm

An aparitie: 30 Aug. 2018




This highly illustrated textbook has been prepared by the Working Group on Development, Anatomy and Pathology of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). The ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Development is the authority on cardiovascular development from a perspective of both basic scientists and clinicians. The embryonic origin of congenital heart diseases and their pathology has been analysed in depth. Modern concepts pivotal to the understanding of cardiovascular morphogenesis, including those still subject to controversy, have been highlighted and the content covers the ESC Core Curriculum. The textbook will appeal to researchers and clinicians from a wide spectrum of disciplines including molecular and developmental biologists working on mechanisms of heart development in a range of model organisms as well as pathologists, morphologists, geneticists, and cardiologists.



Table of Contents:


1. Relevance of developmental studies for clinicians

SECTION 1 Origin, distribution, and determination of cardiovascular cell progenitors

2. An evolutionary perspective on the origin of the cardiovascular system of vertebrates

3. From epiblast to mesoderm: elaboration of a fate map for cardiovascular progenitors

4. Cardiac fields and myocardial cell lineages

5. Origin and diversity of embryonic endothelium/endocardium

6. Transcriptional regulation of early cardiovascular development

SECTION 2 Molecular regulation of cardiac tissue differentiation and patterning

7. Incorporation of myocardial progenitors at the arterial pole of the heart

8. The developmental origin of myocardium at the venous pole of the heart

9. Cardiac growth I: Cardiomyocyte proliferation

10. Cardiac growth II: Cardiomyocyte polarization

11. Defining cardiac domains from the inside: NOTCH in endocardial–myocardial interactions

12. Origin and diversity of cardiac fibroblasts: developmental substrates of adult cardiac fibrosis

SECTION 3 Morphogenesis of cardiovascular structures: on form and function

13. Building the cardiovascular system: the acquisition of a functional form

14. Cardiac looping and laterality

15. Origin and development of the cardiac conduction system

16. Blood vessel differentiation and growth

17. From cushions to leaflets: morphogenesis of cardiac atrioventricular valves

18. Development of the arterial valves

19. The role of the neural crest in cardiac development

20. The multiple functions of the proepicardial/epicardial cell lineage in heart development

21. The development of coronary vascularization

SECTION 4 Abnormal cardiac morphogenesis and the origin of congenital heart disease

22. The genetics of congenital heart disease

23. Development of the outflow tract

24. Arterial wall remodelling in congenital heart disease

25. Coronary anomalies

26. Myocardial non-compaction

27. Developmental aspects of cardiac arrhythmias

SECTION 5 Frontiers in cardiovascular development

28. Advanced therapies to treat cardiovascular diseases: controversies and perspectives

29. The zebrafish as a model for cardiac development and regeneration

30. Cells to repair the infarcted myocardium

31. The role of non-coding RNA/microRNAs in cardiac disease

32. Epigenetics and post-transcriptional regulation of cardiovascular development

33. Complex network interactions: cardiovascular systems biology



An aparitie 30 Aug. 2018
Autor José M. Pérez-Pomares, Robert Kelly
Dimensiuni 28.19 x 2.29 x 22.35 cm
Editura Oxford University Press
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780198757269
Limba Engleza
Nr pag 384

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