Neurorheumatology: A Comprehenisve Guide to Immune Mediated Disorders of the Nervous System

Neurorheumatology: A Comprehenisve Guide to Immune Mediated Disorders of the Nervous System

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This detailed, practical textbook focuses on immune mediated disorders of the nervous system with particular focus on systemic autoimmune disorders. Divided into three sections, the first discusses the neuroanatomical and pathophysiologic basis of immune mediated disorders of the nervous system. Following this are 25 chapters devoted to individual clinical conditions. To conclude, the final section explains what is known about the mechanisms of immunomodulatory treatments and practical points about monitoring patients on these treatments.

Neurorheumatology: A Comprehensive Guide to Immune Mediated Disorders of the Nervous System bridges the gaps among different branches of medicine and is an indispensable resource for rheumatologists and neurologists looking to develop a firm understanding of these dynamic disorders


Table of contents (29 chapters)

The Central and Peripheral Nervous System Immunological Compartments in Health and Disease

Pages 3-9

Beynon, Vanessa (et al.)



Pages 11-20

Sattarnezhad, Neda (et al.)


Laboratory Testing: Neurologic Manifestations with Rheumatic Diseases—Associated Findings and Recommended Laboratory Evaluation

Pages 21-29

Smith, Kristie M. (et al.)


Neuropsychiatric Manifestations of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Pages 33-43

Chen, Sarah (et al.)


Antiphospholipid Syndrome

Pages 45-49

Bhattacharyya, Shamik (et al.)


Sjögren’s Syndrome: Interface of Immunology and Neurology

Pages 51-61

Fox, Robert I. (et al.)


Neurologic Manifestations of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Pages 63-72

Yang, Nicole (et al.)



Pages 73-85

Bradshaw, Michael J. (et al.)



Pages 87-91

Ermann, Joerg


Neurologic Complications of Immunoglobulin G4-Related Disease (IgG4-RD)

Pages 93-104

Chwalisz, Bart K. (et al.)


Giant Cell Arteritis

Pages 105-113

Docken, William P.


Central Nervous System Vasculitis

Pages 115-122

Tamaki, Hiromichi (et al.)


Autoinflammatory Diseases

Pages 123-133

Hausmann, Jonathan S. (et al.)


Neuro-Behçet’s Syndrome

Pages 135-140

Gholipour, Taha (et al.)


Paraneoplastic Neurologic Disease

Pages 141-157

Zalewski, Nicholas L. (et al.)


Surface Antibody-Mediated Autoimmune Encephalitis

Pages 159-168

Piquet, Amanda L. (et al.)


Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy

Pages 169-178

Chew, Sheena (et al.)


Neurological Manifestations of Gluten Sensitivity

Pages 179-186

Hadjivassiliou, Marios (et al.)


Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorders

Pages 187-195

Galetta, Kristin M. (et al.)


Multiple Sclerosis and Rheumatic Disease

Pages 197-200

Kaplan, Tamara B. (et al.)


Stiff-Person Syndrome

Pages 201-205

Karam, Chafic


Inflammatory Myopathies

Pages 207-215

Wong, Janice C. (et al.)


Neuromuscular Junction Disorders

Pages 217-224

Guidon, Amanda C.


Peripheral Neuropathy in Rheumatologic Disorders

Pages 225-232

Reda, Haatem M.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (and Chronic Fatigue)

Pages 233-242

Schur, Peter H.


Nervous System Lyme Disease

Pages 243-248

Halperin, John J.



Pages 249-258

Raibagkar, Pooja (et al.)



Pages 261-267

Lim, Sian Yik (et al.)


Neurologic and Psychiatric Effects of Cytokines and Targeted Biological Therapies

Pages 269-283

Beckwith, Noor (et al.)



An aparitie 15 Aug. 2020
Autor Tracey A. Cho , Shamik Bhattacharyya , Simon Helfgott
Editura Springer
Format Paperback
ISBN 9783030169305
Limba Engleza
Nr pag 293

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