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    Malignant episodic (or "breakthrough") pain is a common feature of cancer pain that can have a negative impact on quality of life for both the patient and carer. It is characterized by a periodic increase in pain over background cancer pain and can be bot

  • Dragon Poems
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    Here is a collection of fabulously funny poems put together by John Foster and illustrated with creative genius by Korky Paul. There are poems by a range of authors about dragons in all sorts of situations - chasing teachers, playing the banjo, feasting, fighting knights, or being taken home as pets. Guaranteed to delight, this is a perfect introduction to poetry either at home or at school.

  • Oliver Twist
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    A beautiful new edition of this much-loved classic This wonderful tale by Charles Dickens, featuring everybody's favourite orphan, is the latest welcome addition to the Oxford Children's Classics series. Features Arguably the best-known of Dickens' novels, Oliver Twist is an exciting, sometimes dark, adventure that will keep readers enthralled. The latest addition to the hugely popular Oxford Children's Classics series. Complete and unabridged text. Beautifully designed and produced edition in tactile small format hardback. Rolling programme of publishing into this series, with more titles to come.

  • Peter Pan In Scarlet
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    Neverland is calling again...Something is wrong in Neverland. Dreams are leaking out - strangely real dreams, of pirates and mermaids, of war paint and crocodiles. For Wendy and the Lost Boys it is a clear signal - Peter Pan needs their help, and so it is time to do the unthinkable and fly to Neverland again. But back in Neverland, everything has changed-and the dangers they find there are far beyond their dreams...Specially commissioned by Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children as the winner of their competition to write the official sequel to J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan, Peter Pan in Scarlet is a thrilling adventure that you will never forget. Proceeds from every copy sold will go to benefit Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

  • Occ: Christmas Carol & Other Christmas St
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    Ebenezer Scrooge hates Christmas. It's all humbug to him. But one Christmas Eve, he is visited by the ghost of Jacob Marley, and then by three more spirits . . . the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet To Come. Will the things they show Scrooge be enough to make him change his miserly ways and learn the true meaning of Christmas?

  • The Hound of the Baskervilles
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    A stunning new edition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic tale featuring the world-famous detective, Sherlock Holmes If you love a good story, then look no further. Oxford Children's Classics bring together the most unforgettable stories ever told. They're books to treasure and return to again and again. The Baskerville family has been haunted for generations by a fearsome hound - a phantom beast with blazing eyes and dripping jaws. Surely it is just a legend? Then Sir Charles is found mysteriously dead in the grounds of Baskerville Hall. It is time to bring in Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, to discover the truth about the family curse... Features One of eight classic titles being published to launch the new Oxford Children's Classics series Sherlock Holmes and his trusty sidekick, Doctor Watson, are perennial favourites and The Hound of the Baskervilles is arguably their most famous case Complete and unabridged text Beautifully designed and produced edition in tactile small format hardback

  • The Wind in the Willows
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    When Mole takes a break from his cleaning and wanders down to the river bank, he meets the Water Rat and a friendship is instantly formed. The two, together with Badger, spend a glorious summer messing about on the river, picnicking on the bank, and taking life easy. But when their hapless friend Toad gets into a spot of bother they dash to his aid. Soon the four friends are fighting to save Toad Hall from the dastardly stoats and weasels.

  • Oxford Primary Dictionary
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    This edition of the Oxford Primary Dictionary features over 30,000 words and phrases in alphabetical order, in a clear and accessible design. Each entry contains simple, easy-to-read numbered meanings, word classes, inflections, and supporting example sentences. Tinted panels throughout focus on overused words, words belonging to the same family, word origins, and key language topics (such as prefixes and suffixes or word origins). Another unique feature is the example sentences by well-known children's authors, such as J.K Rowling, Dick King-Smith, Jacqueline Wilson, and Roald Dahl. These show the words actually in use to reinforce meaning but they also hook children in to using language effectively. Unique to Oxford, they take children beyond looking up a word for spelling or meaning - and on to thinking about reading and writing independently. The full alphabet appears on every page with a dark blue tab on the letter of the page, and guidewords also appear on every page - great for the child practising their alphabet skills.

  • Peter Pan
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    The night that Peter Pan flies into the Darling children's nursery is the night that magic flies into their lives. It's the night that Wendy and her brothers follow Peter out of the window and soar through the sky to Neverland. It's the night that they discover a world of mermaids, fairies, and pirates, of lost boys, and of the terrible Captain Hook. It's the night the adventure begins...

  • Macbeth
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    Oxford School Shakespeare is an acclaimed edition especially designed for students, with accessible on-page notes and explanatory illustrations, clear background information, and rigorous but accessible scholarly credentials. Macbeth is one of the most popular texts for study by secondary students the world over. This edition includes illustrations, preliminary notes, reading lists (including websites) and classroom notes.

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    This best-selling dictionary is written by one of the most famous philosophers of our time, and widely recognised as the best dictionary of its kind. Wide-ranging and authoritative, it covers every aspect of philosophy from Aristotle to Zen. Clear, concis

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    Charlie loves football. He watches it, memorizes facts about it, and he's even the captain of the local youth team, North Star Galaxy. When Charlie discovers that youth teams are being selected to play in exhibition matches at the World Cup tournament later that year he decides to enter North Star. There's one problem. He's got to prove that North Star deserve a place at the tournament and that's not easy when your team are kind of rubbish at football!

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    Charlie and his gang have ended up at the 'GO WILD!' survival camp for a whole week. Camp leader Survival Clive splits them into teams and dumps them in the middle of the forest. They've got three days to make it back to base camp. But there's a rumour that a wild beast is on the loose; rival team, the Wild Warriors, are pinching their stuff; and Charlie and Nature just don't mix! If they're going to make it back home, the Misfits are going to have to use all their skill and guile to survive.

  • The Best Of Pippi Longstocking
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    Pippi Longstocking is nine years old and lives all by herself with a horse, a monkey, a suitcase full of gold, and no grown-ups to tell her what to do. She's wild and funny and her crazy ideas are always getting her into trouble! In these three favourite stories, Pippi performs at the circus, is reunited with her long-lost father, and takes her friends Tommy and Annika on a trip to the Canny Canny Islands. She also finds a squeazle, gives a shark a good telling-off, and turns 43 somersaults in the air before breakfast! Everything's fun with Pippi around!

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    - Covers all core areas of construction from materials and tools to health and safety and contracts
    - The most up-to-date dictionary of construction, surveying, and civil engineering available
    - Written by an experienced team of experts

  • Economics of Good and Evil
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    In The Economics of Good and Evil, Sedlacek radically rethinks his field, challenging our assumptions about the world. Economics is touted as a science, a value-free mathematical inquiry, he writes, but it's actually a cultural phenomenon, a product of ou

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    The importance of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of disease and the maintenance of good health is being increasingly recognised. Nutrition is an area that all health professionals need to be aware of and yet one in which few are specifically tr

  • Osteoporosis
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    Despite advances in the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis in the last ten years, the condition still poses major clinical challenges. Non-adherence to drug therapy is a widespread problem in patients with rheumatic diseases and osteoporosis in particular.
    Part of the Oxford Rheumatology Library, this second edition summarizes the latest developments in the management of osteoporosis and includes new chapters covering the clinical role of denosumab and orthopaedic issues in the management of fractures in patients with osteoporosis. This practical pocketbook is an essential resource for trainees and clinicians in rheumatology, endocrinology, and geriatric medicine, as well as general practitioners and paramedical staff involved in osteoporosis care.

  • In Defence of Christianity
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    "In Defence of Christianity" is a short book of Christian apologetics. Acknowledging that reason is not the basis of faith, Brian Hebblethwaite sets out some of the main reasons that can be advanced in support of the Christian faith. He defends the view t

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    Enabling students to understand and appreciate the interdependence of the Earth's natural systems, this text covers the specifications for 5014 and 0680 Environmental Management. With a detailed and thorough approach, it will cultivate a strong understanding of resource management. Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations.

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    Marketing is the first truly integrated print and electronic learning package for introductory marketing modules. It comprises: a textbook packed with learning features, combining authority and a lively and engaging writing style and a diverse range of electronic resources matched perfectly to the content of the textbook, available on the book's Online Resource Centre and instructors' DVD. The purpose of this package is to bring contemporary marketing perspectives to life for students new to the concept of marketing, and for it to be motivational, creative, applied and highly relevant. Marketing starts with the basic concepts from classical marketing perspectives and contrasts these with newer perspectives from the relational and service-based schools of marketing, helping students develop their knowledge and encourage critical thinking. It provides learning insights into marketing theory and practice, through a series of "Insight" features - Case, Practitioner, Marketing, Academic and Research Insights. Marketing is a text for life, purchased at level 1/2 but retained and referred to throughout the course of a student's marketing or business degree. Online Resource Centre and DVD: For Lecturers: Extensive supplementary digital material featuring video clips of interviews with the marketing practitioners from the textbook and guest lectures with academics on the chapter topics to help lecturers illustrate core marketing concepts to students. Also comprises case studies, a test bank, tutorial activities and PowerPoint slides to aid lecturers' teaching. For Students: Provides multiple-choice questions, web-based research activities and abstracts from seminal papers to help students test their own learning.

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    Osteoporosis is a common, underdiagnosed, and undertreated condition, complicated by fractures which lead to significant mortality and morbidity. The prevalence of osteoporotic fractures in postmenopausal women exceeds the combined prevalence of breast cancer, stroke, heart failure, and myocardial infarction. Often called "the silent disease," it does not reveal itself with obvious symptoms until a fracture occurs. In the first year after sustaining a hip fracture, mortality is increased by almost 24% in women and is even higher in men. About half of those who sustain an osteoporotic hip fracture become so disabled that they are no longer able to resume their daily activities, and as many as 20% require long-term institutional care. Effective treatments for osteoporosis are now available if it is diagnosed and addressed in a timely manner. Unfortunately, this disease remains shockingly underdiagnosed and undertreated, even in patients who sustain low-trauma hip fractures.
    The past two decades have witnessed radical changes in the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis. The densitometric diagnosis of osteoporosis is noninvasive, quick, and relatively simple. Tools are now available to predict the patient's probability of sustaining fractures, to identify patients who are particularly vulnerable, and to determine which patients will benefit from further investigation and treatment. Various associations have developed guidelines to help clinicians reach a diagnosis and initiate treatment. Due to better understanding of the basic pathophysiology of bone turnover, potent and relatively safe medications that significantly reduce the risk of fractures are now widely available. It is of paramount importance that this disease be diagnosed and treated as early as possible in order to take advantage of these developments and reduce the enormous socioeconomic and psychological impact of osteoporosis.
    Given the burden of osteoporotic fractures, all clinicians should have a working knowledge of e diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of the disease. Clinicians should feel comfortable diagnosing and initiating treatment for the majority of patients with osteoporosis. Only complicated cases or patients who are unresponsive to treatment should be referred to specialists. The aim of this book is to distill the available information on osteoporosis into an easily comprehensible format that will serve as a practical guide for busy clinicians. Numerous boxes, tables, diagrams, and figures present the information in an accessible manner. This book will be of particular use to general practitioners, endocrinologists, rheumatologists, gynecologists, internists, geriatricians, and orthopedic surgeons.

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    Imagine a world without rubber - neither tyres for motoring or flying, nor bouncing balls for sports, neither seals for washing machines and dishwashers, nor medical gloves - no elastics.
    This unique book tells the fascinating story of four thousan

  • The Economics of Beer
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    Accessible and non-technical
    Looks at established beer markets across countries in Europe and the US as well as newer markets in China, Russia, and India
    Highlights trends and explains why beer consumption has increased or decreased at certa

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    This handbook provides a comprehensive guide to the practice of ENT and head and neck surgery in a form that is concise, practical and easily accessible for use on the ward or for revision purposes. An anatomical list of diseases has been included, which

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    Approximately 20% of all surgical operations and a similar percentage of surgical emergencies are urological in nature. However, often doctors have very limited experience of the many common and varied conditions encountered in this important surgical spe

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     Now revised for its third edition, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis provides a concise and practical summary of the reasoning processes behind clear and confident diagnosis. The handbook is set out systematically with symptoms and signs through each specialty, and includes a detailed description of the basis of logical evidence-based differential diagnosis. 
    This new edition has been updated with clearer diagrams and brand new images. Including rarer diagnoses alongside the common conditions, and vital information about longer-term management alongside the initial treatments, this handbook will ensure your excellence and confidence no matter what signs and symptoms your patient presents with. Providing practical help when dealing with problems outside your area of expertise or with unforeseen situations, you can be sure that this handbook will be your perfect companion to clear and confident diagnoses throughout your medical career.

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    The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pathology provides an accessible and easy-to-use handbook for medical students and doctors, which succinctly explains the pathology behind important and common diseases relevant to the whole range of medical and surgical specialties. It covers basic general pathological principles and follows a systems-based approach, highlighting the most common conditions in each area. Macroscopic and microscopic pathological features are described, as well as relevant immunohistochemical, molecular, and genetic information. Up-to-date staging information is provided for all major malignancies, and reference symbols are used to highlight important points and provide quick links between related topics. This essential guide to pathology is an invaluable resource for medical students, pathology trainees, junior doctors, and biomedical scientists.

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    50 Studies Every Internist Should Know presents key studies that shape today's practice of internal medicine. Selected using a rigorous methodology, the studies cover topics including: preventative medicine, endocrinology, hematology and oncology, musculoskeletal diseases, nephrology, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, cardiology, pulmonology, geriatrics and palliative care, and mental health. For each study, a concise summary is presented with an emphasis on the results and limitations of the study, and its implications for practice. An illustrative clinical case concludes each review, followed by brief information on other relevant studies. This book is a must-read for health care professionals and anyone who wants to learn more about the data behind clinical practice.

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    Fully updated and revised for its second edition, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Examination and Practical Skills is the only truly comprehensive pocket guide to all aspects of history taking, physical examination, practical procedures, data interpretation, and communication skills. Packed with expert knowledge and practical guidance it gives realistic advice on coping with common situations. The handbook is structured to allow rapid reference of key information, and to aid understanding with concise and practical clinical guidance. Full colour throughout, it includes over 140 detailed photographs and diagrams of all common examination skills to show you exactly what you need to do and the theory, practice and complications for each. More photos have been included, with over half completely new and specially produced for this edition. Each system chapter covers applied anatomy, history, examination, and the presentation of common and important disorders. Data interpretation covers the basics of x-rays, ECGs and other key areas. A new chapter on the eyes is included along with the sections on body language and non-verbal communication, and the section on practical procedures has been expanded. This handbook will help to ensure you have the confidence and skill to carry out an 'A' grade examination every time.

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    The Oxford Handbook of Dialysis is a comprehensive and practical guide to all aspects of dialysis, the management of patients with end stage kidney disease, and all its complications. The fourth edition has been completely updated, and covers all aspects of dialysis from haemodialysis techniques and haemodiafitration, to the medical, nursing and psychosocial aspects of managing patients with end stage kidney failure. Renal transplantation, plasma exchange, palliative care, and drug dosing are discussed, along with end of life care, and comnplications of chronic kdney disease. This handbook is packed with practical guidance and management, presented in a compact and easy to use format. The Oxford Handbook of Dialysis is aimed at all health care professionals dealing with dialysis patients from nephrologists to dieticians, as well as pharmacists, nurses, and surgeons. There are specific chapters on nursing patients on haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, and detailed nutrition and drug prescribing chapters. The fourth edition includes new sections on renal replacement therapies in acute kidney injury, home dialysis, new peritoneal dialysis fluids, new drugs including new epoietins and phosphate binders, updated sections on nocturnal dialysis, dialysis monitoring, encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis, sleep disorders, etc. The handbook is easy to read, very practical, and focussed, with individual topics covered on one or two pages. This book should have a home in every renal unit, dialysis centre, renal ward, and be close to hand for every nephrologist, renal trainee, or renal nurse.

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    Part of the "What Do I Do Now?" series, Stroke uses a case-based approach to cover common and important topics in the diagnosis and treatment of stroke. Each chapter provides an overview of the approach to the problem in question followed by a discussion of the diagnosis, key points to remember, and selected references for further reading. For this edition, all cases have been carefully revised, and new information and references have been added. Stroke is an engaging collection of thought-provoking cases which clinicians can utilize when they encounter difficult patients on the ward or in the clinic. The volume is also a self-assessment tool that tests the reader's ability to answer the question, "What do I do now?"

  • Pediatric Neurology
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    Part of the "What Do I Do Now?" series, Pediatric Neurology uses a case-based approach to cover common and important topics in the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic conditions in children. Each chapter provides a discussion of the diagnosis, key points to remember, and selected references for further reading. For this edition, the table of contents has been reorganized, and all cases and references have been updated. New cases have been added including: Charcot Marie Tooth, NMDA Receptor AB Encephalopathy, Guillain Barre Syndrome, Transverse Myelitis, Tics/Tourette Syndrome, Conversion Disorder, Chronic Daily Headache, and Chiari I Malformation. Pediatric Neurology is an engaging collection of thought-provoking cases which clinicians can utilize when they encounter difficult patients. The volume is also a self-assessment tool that tests the reader's ability to answer the question, "What do I do now?"

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    After more than twenty years of recognition as the indispensable guide for all dental students and practitioners, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry has been fully revised and updated for its new sixth edition, now better than ever!

    The authors have distilled the essentials of clinical practice into a readily accessible style. Concise and practically focused, the handbook balances a pragmatic approach alongside evidence-based clinical knowledge, guidelines and protocols. This handbook is in full colour, with even more images and diagrams to aid understanding. It has been fully updated with sources and further reading, including the most up-to-date e-learning and web resources.

    The handbook includes revised chapters on fast-moving areas of dental practice such as therapeutics and anaesthesia, as well as updates on the aetiology and management of cancer, reflecting recent discoveries. New material also includes the impact of bisphosphonates, and new approaches to the management of Class III malocclusions in the growing child. Sections on the differences in healthcare and legal requirements of the UK devolved countries have been added, and all life support protocols have been updated.

    This concise and practical distillation of the essential knowledge and skills for dental practice has been highly regarded by dental students and practitioners for over twenty years. Now it is more vital than ever for you to ensure the most up-to-date edition is always close to hand!

  • Élan: 2: A2 Students' Book (Elan)
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    This new 2008 edition of this popular course has been fully revised to support the new specifications. It includes updated content to deliver the specification easily and effectively, plus comprehensive grammar and study skills support.

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    Now in its tenth edition, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine has been fully revised, with five new authors on the writing team bringing content fresh from the bedside.

    Space has been breathed into the design, with more core material at your fingertips in quick-reference lists and flow diagrams, and key references have been honed to the most up-to-date and relevant. Each page has been updated to reflect the latest changes in practice and best management, and the chapters on gastroenterology, history and examination, infectious disease, neurology, and radiology have been extensively revised.

    Unique among medical texts, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine is a complete and concise guide to the core areas of medicine that also encourages thinking about the world from the patient's perspective, offering a holistic, patient-centred approach.

    Loved and trusted by millions for over three decades, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine continues to be a truly indispensable companion for the practice of modern medicine.

  • Oxford Handbook of Medical Imaging
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    As medical imaging plays an increasingly important role in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, it has become vital for medical practitioners to have a thorough understanding of the many complicated techniques available. The Oxford Handbook of Medical

  • Oxford Handbook of Oncology Third Edition
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    Extensively revised and updated, featuring recent advances in the field of oncology
    Features new chapters on biomarkers and childhood cancers presenting in adults
    Includes evidence-based medicine and additional further reading

  • Paediatric Palliative Medicine
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    Looking after children with life-limiting conditions is very difficult for both parents and health care professionals. This second edition of Paediatric Palliative Medicine is full of easily-accessible, detailed information , and covers all aspects of the care of children with life-limiting illnesses. It is designed to equip clinicians with the knowledge, and its evidence base, to improve clinical care.

    Using the bestselling Oxford Specialist Handbook format to deliver practical and concise information, this handbook facilitates bedside delivery of effective palliative medicine to children. It includes a quick reference drug formulary and detailed information on medical conditions and symptom control. There are also specific management plans to guide professionals, whether the child is in their own home, in a hospital, or a hospice.

    Many children with long term conditions have symptoms which need management, and the principles of palliative care for children need to be known by all who are involved in their care. The unique significance of this handbook is its capacity to guide professionals who have not trained or had experience of caring for the dying child, as well as for students and trainees interested in paediatric palliative care.

    Children's palliative medicine encompasses symptom control but is not limited to it. This handbook also provides a wealth of information on the philosophy and models that support delivery of palliative medicine to children, as well as the learning and coping skills required in palliative care.

    Fully updated with an expanded formulary and a new chapter on the intensive care unit, this new edition continues to be the authoritative reference tool in paediatric palliative care.

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     A concise, clinical handbook covering the whole of haematology Reflects current practice with up-to-date investigation and management Easy-to-understand and useful for all grades of medical, nursing, technical, and research staff Includes rare disorders as well as common conditions affecting both adults and children Practically focused, written by a team of experienced, practicing clinicians New to this edition Contains all the latest guidelines and a brand new chapter on rare diseases All sections and protocols on malignant haematology have been completely revised Covers all major advances in the specialty including mlaignant haematology and transfusion medicine The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Haematology provides core and concise information on the entire spectrum of blood disorders affecting both adults and children. Updated for its fourth edition, it includes all major advances in the specialty, including malignant haematology, haemato-oncology, coagulation, transfusion medicine, and red cell disorders, with a brand new chapter on rare diseases. Practically focused, and specifically designed for ease-of-use, and rapid access to the information you need, this handbook is an indispensable resource on all aspects of haematology for all trainee doctors, nurses, technicians, and research professionals. The handbook is divided into clinical approach and disease-specific areas. The clinical approach section outlines various symptoms and signs in patients with blood disease to enable the reader to formulate a sensible differential diagnosis beofre embarking on investigation and treatment. The disease-specific section is written by four authors whose expertise covers the whole breadth of diseases included in the book. All authors have contributed to national guidelines (e. g. British Committee for Standards in Haematology, BCSH) and are experts in the evidence base that exists for each topic. The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Haematology offers a concise and logical approach to caring for patients with diseases of the blood. 1: Clinical approach 2: Red cell disorders 3: White blood cell abnormalities 4: Leukaemia 5: Lymphoma 6: Myelodysplasia 7: Myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs) 8: Paraproteinaemias 9: Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (SCT) 10: Haemostasis and thrombosis 11: Immunodeficiency 12: Paediatric haematology 13: Haematological emergencies 14: Supportive care 15: Protocols and procedures 16: Haematological investigations 17: Blood transfusion 18: Rare diseases A1: Haematology online A2: Charts and nomograms A3: Normal ranges

  • Anglo-Saxon Farms and Farming
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    Anglo-Saxon farming made England so wealthy by the eleventh century that it attracted two full-scale invasions. In Anglo-Saxon Farms and Farming, Debby Banham and Rosamond Faith explore how Anglo-Saxon farmers produced the food and other crops and animal products that sustained England's economy, society, and culture before the Norman Conquest.

    The volume is made up of two complementary sections: the first examines written and pictorial sources, archaeological evidence, place-names, and the history of the English language to discover what kind of crops and livestock people raised, and what tools and techniques they used in producing them. The second part assembles a series of local landscape studies to explore how these techniques were combined into working agricultural regimes in different environments. These perspectives allow the authors to take new approaches to the chronology and development of open-field farming, to the changing relationship between livestock husbandry and arable cultivation, and to the values and social relationships which under-pinned rural life. The elite are not ignored, but peasant famers are represented as agents, making decisions about the way they managed their resources and working lives.

    A picture emerges of an agriculture that changed from an essentially prehistoric state in the sub-Roman period to what was, by the time of the Conquest, recognizably the beginning of a tradition that only ended in the modern period. Anglo-Saxon farming was not only sustainable, but infinitely adaptable to different soils and geology, and to a climate changing as unpredictably as it is today.

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    Safe and effective prescribing is a cornerstone of proper patient care. There has recently been a significant increase in the numbers of health care professionals able to prescribe; however, sources of drug information tend to focus on only one area of pr

  • 190.00 lei

    For its third edition, this handbook has been fully revised and rewritten for the renowned Oxford Medical Handbook series. Including comprehensive coverage of all common surgical specialties and operations, it fully integrates practical advice on pre-operative procedure, equipment, step-by step surgical procedures, common techniques, and tips and tricks from over thirty experienced specialist surgeons.

    With over three hundred detailed practical diagrams and images to assist your understanding and packed with step-by-step, concise, and clear expert advice, you can be confident that this handbook will be your essential guide to all aspects of operative surgery.

    Providing an overview of modern operative surgical practice the Oxford Handbook of Operative Surgery will enable all surgeons, whether they are just starting out or posessing many years' experience, to prepare fully and be confident in observing, assisting or performing across the wide variety of surgical operations. Fully up to date and reflecting current practice and guidelines, it provides an essential complement to the highly successful Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery.

  • 20200lei 190.00 lei

    Now in its second edition, the Oxford Handbook of Neonatology is the essential user-friendly guide for all healthcare professionals involved in the care of newborns. Accessible, practical, and updated with the latest evidence, this is a key resource designed for use at the cot-side.

    Using guidance from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and including the most up to date NICE guidelines, the second edition of this handbook uses extensive diagrams and an easy-to-use format to cover good communication practice, neonatal emergencies and technical procedures. Fully updated and revised with expanded sections covering therapeutic hypothermia and developmental care amongst other advances in the field, the Oxford Handbook of Neonatology is a valuable and up-to-date guide to a rapidly evolving field.

    Taking a valuable family-centred approach to neonatal care, this is the essential resource for all healthcare professionals working with newborns, from the undergraduate medical student to the doctor on the ward.

  • 21200lei 190.00 lei

    An essential resource for practitioners in infectious diseases and microbiology, studying for the new FRCPath Part 1 infection examination accredited by the Royal College of Pathologists, and trainees sitting the membership exams of the Royal College of Physicians.

    Including over 300 multiple choice questions in an exam-style Q&A format, this guide provides an invaluable revision platform for domestic and international trainees alike, with scope to present infection-based support for other medical specialties, where infection forms a core component, including intensive care.

    Authored by leading specialists in infectious diseases and microbiology, this invaluable training guide is the first of its kind to cover both undergraduate and postgraduate material in infectious diseases. Mapping directly from the FRCPath and RCP infection curricula, students are able to explore areas of curriculum to gain knowledge and optimise decision-making skills, under pressure.


      Title page

      Copyright information



      Reference Ranges




      Blood Gases



      Chapter 1 Biology of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Parasites and the Host–Pathogen Interactions



      Chapter 2 Microbiology and Virology Laboratory Practice



      Chapter 3 Health and Safety for Infectious Diseases, Microbiology and Virology



      Chapter 4 Principles of Public Health in Relation to Infectious Diseases, Microbiology and Virology



      Chapter 5 Infection Prevention and Control



      Chapter 6 Important Clinical Syndromes Presenting from the Community and within Healthcare Organisat




      Chapter 7 Understanding the Use of Antimicrobial Agents



      Chapter 8 Vaccination



      Chapter 9 The Management of HIV Infection, Opportunistic Infections and Complications of Other Cause



      Chapter 10 Travel and Geographical Health; Imported Infection and the Provision of Pre-travel Health




  • Oxford Handbook of Critical Care
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    21300lei 192.00 lei

    The fully revised, third edition of this bestselling Handbook describes best practice of critical care in a succinct, concise and clinically-orientated way. Covering the principles of general management, it includes therapeutic and monitoring devices, specific disorders of organ systems, as well as detailed information on drugs and fluids. New material has been added on key areas such as airway maintenance, dressing techniques, infection control, echocardiography, tissue perfusion monitoring, coma and more. With up-to-date references and invaluable clinical advice, there is also plenty of space to add notes or amend sections to suit local protocols.

    Patient-centred and practical, it will serve the consultant, trainee, nurse or other allied health professionals as both a reference and aide memoir. This is the indispensable Oxford Handbook for all those working within critical care.

  • Molecular Biology of Cancer
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    21500lei 195.00 lei

    Lauren Pecorino

    • Provides an engaging and manageable route into the complex subject of cancer biology
    • Describes the theoretical basis of cancer biology and shows how this theory is applied to develop new cancer therapies, giving students a clear appreciation of how theoretical knowledge can be translated into therapeutic strategies
    • Draws on the latest research in this dynamic field but presents it in a manner readily accessible to the student

    New to this Edition:

    • New full colour diagrams help students to visualize the key concepts explained in the text more effectively
    • Expanded coverage of tumour immunology and immunotherapy, discussing tumour suppression and tumour promotion mechanisms of the immune system and the exciting new applications of this knowledge towards developing cancer immunotherapies

  • 22800lei 195.00 lei

    Fully updated for this second edition, the Oxford Handbook of Neurology is the definitive guide for all those working in neurology and neurosurgery. This practical and concise quick-reference resource includes a wealth of information and invaluable clinical guidance to ensure all readers stay up-to-date in this fast-moving specialty. Now including brand new chapters on neurological emergencies and neurology within other medical specialties, this handbook includes the most cutting-edge management and treatment options, drugs, and neurosurgical techniques. Covering the entire breadth of neurology with additional sections on neuroanatomy, neurosurgery, neuroradiology and neurophysiology, it includes common presentations and disorders as well as information on neurological assessment. Packed full of illustrations to ensure ease-of reference, and valuable clinical advice from experts in the field, the reader can be sure they will always have all the information they need at their fingertips.

  • 195.00 lei

    This second edition of the Oxford Handbook of Medical Dermatology provides practical and accessible advice on how to reach a diagnosis or create a management plan when faced with patients with a range of skin conditions.

    Giving concise and clear guidance on investigation and treatment, this Handbook helps doctors adopt a step-by-step approach at the bedside to make sense of skin problems by analysing clinical signs. Illustrated and in full colour, it covers skin physiology, an overview of common skin conditions, and skin problems commonly seen in a broad range of specialities, from rheumatology to psychiatry, as well as children and the elderly.

    Now comprehensively updated with new clinical pictures, references, and extensively reworked chapters on skin in infancy and childhood, cutaneous reactions to drugs, skin tumours, and rheumatology. This second edition now includes a brand new chapter on skin and genetics, detailing this fast-growing and important area of dermatology, promoting good communication with a patient-centred and practical common-sense approach for trainees in dermatology, junior doctors, GPs, and medical students.

  • 198.00 lei

    Most comprehensive reference work on beer ever published
    Over 1,100 entries by renowned beer experts across the globe
    Entries on every aspect of beer, including chemical, technical, social, cultural, and linguistic
    Editor-in-Chief Gar

  • 200.00 lei

    Fully revised for its third edition, the Oxford Handbook of Ophthalmology is a concise, systematic guide to all aspects of diagnosis, assessment, and ongoing management of ophthalmic diseases and conditions. Closely aligned with the curriculum for the ophthalmic postgraduate exams, and containing the most up-to-date clinical guidance, and practical advice, this is the essential resource for all those caring for ophthalmic patients. Covering the key information for both trainees and specialists; from clinical methods and the use of ophthalmic instruments, to basic perioperative care and advanced life support protocols. It includes new chapters covering laser procedures and theatre notes, as well as new sections on emerging technologies such as adaptive optics and gene therapy for retinal diseases. With expert advice, the latest clinical guidance, and its easy-reference format, this unique resource provides immediate access to the information you need, when you need it.

  • 23100lei 205.00 lei

    Part of the Drugs in series, this book provides an easily accessible pocket-sized guide to the use of medications when treating patients with neurological ailments. Drugs in Neurology covers the breadth of medications used in modern neurology, including each drug's indications, contra-indications, side-effects and important interactions. The underlying pharmacology also feature (where known). Practical aspects related to prescribing and therapeutic drug monitoring are covered and based on the most up-to-date evidence-based guidance. Each drug monograph contains a small section drawing on the wisdom of the senior contributors of each chapter with regards to using the medication.

  • Stroke Medicine
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    23100lei 205.00 lei

    The second edition of Stroke Medicine incorporates considerable advances in the treatment of stroke that have occurred since the first edition published. This provides an up-to-date and easily accessible source of information on all aspects of stroke care, from acute care through to rehabilitation and secondary prevention. The new edition includes some additional updates on cardiac investigation of stroke, due to novel methods for detecting atrial fibrillation, and new trial data has been added to the chapter on Treatment of Stroke. The book includes numerous illustrations and tables presenting information in an easy-to-follow way and is designed to be used by the practising physician as a practical handbook of stroke care.

  • 205.00 lei

    Complementing the guidelines in the British National Formulary, the third edition of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy remains the indispensable guide to clinical pharmacy, providing all the information needed for practising and student pharmacists. It presents handy practical guidance in a quick-reference, bullet-point format to give the reader the knowledge and confidence needed to provide a clinical pharmacy service.

    Including key information on controlled drugs, adverse drug reactions, interactions, communication skills, and confidentiality, this extensively revised addition to the bestselling Oxford Handbook series is the fundamental pharmacy reference tool. It features chapters on adherence, anaphylaxis, clinical trials, herbal medicines, palliative care, patient management, pharmaceutical calculations, research, policy, and therapy related issues.

    Thoroughly revised and updated, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy includes brand new topics, including content on health coaching, residency and on-call, HIV and TB and mental health.

  • 23100lei 210.00 lei

    This is the second edition of the Oxford Specialist Handbook in Parkinson's Disease and Other Movement Disorders aiming to provide its readership with the latest developments and innovation across the discipline. Alongside this update in content, the addition of new, insightful sections suggested by readers and other experts in the field, will allow the handbook to further develop as the premier quick reference guide for movement disorders.

    The varied and detailed composition of the handbook's chapters is extremely useful for the various readership of this title. The new edition advances the the knowledge and depth of the previous edition with the addition of a number of new sections. This new and improved edition will be a welcome and extremely useful addition to the neurological world.

  • 210.00 lei

    Fully revised to reflect the new changes to the GP contract and the GP curriculum, this fourth edition of the best-selling Oxford Handbook of General Practice is a practical guide to all aspects of general practice; from vital clinical information, to valuable practical guidance from experienced GPs. This is the essential guide for all those working in general practice.

  • 23400lei 210.00 lei

    This is a practical book on neurological therapy. It is aimed at giving concise and updated answers to busy practicing clinicians in the clinic, ward or emergency department. An evidence-based approach is used, but when there is no evidence or the data are inconclusive, an expert opinion is always being given in order to meet the expectations of the reader. All neurological conditions (common and less common) are discussed; each chapter has a similar format, and contains an initial brief introduction on the epidemiology and clinical features of each disease. The therapy is then discussed, including pharmacological and non-pharmacological, with wide use of Tables & Figures (flowcharts are also included in most of the chapters).

  • 212.00 lei

    In Rational and Irrational Beliefs: Research, Theory, and Clinical Practice, leading scholars, researchers, and practitioners of rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) and other cognitive-behavioral therapies (CBTs) share their perspectives and empirica

  • 214.00 lei

    Social insects--ants, bees, termites, and wasps--can be viewed as powerful problem-solving systems with sophisticated collective intelligence. Composed of simple interacting agents, this intelligence lies in the networks of interactions among individuals

  • 220.00 lei

    Cardiovascular disease remains the major cause of morbidity and mortality throughout developed countries and is also rapidly increasing in developing countries. Cardiovascular medicine and the specialty of cardiology continue to expand, and the remit of the cardiologist is forever broader with the development of new sub-specialties. The Oxford Handbook of Cardiology provides a comprehensive but concise guide to all modern cardiological practice with an emphasis on practical clinical management in many different contexts. This second edition addresses all the key advances made in the field since the previous edition, including interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, and pharmacology. It expands the remit to medical students and the more junior doctor while retaining the level of detail required by more senior practitioners within the field.

  • 232.00 lei

    Contentious and current topic
    A major contribution to International Relations theory and practice
    Provides a detailed empirical analysis of seven case studies of humanitarian intervention

    The extent to which humanitarian interven

  • 26000lei 235.00 lei

    Infectious diseases remain a leading cause of child morbidity and mortality worldwide. Now in its fourth edition, Manual of Childhood Infections is a simple-to-use, evidence-based, and practical handbook on how to recognize, investigate, and manage both common and rare infectious diseases in children and babies. Endorsed by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases, this fully updated version of the established 'Blue Book' complements the Pan European initiatives and UK diploma courses to harmonise patient management and training in Paediatric Infectious Diseases (PID), making it essential reading for UK and European paediatricians.

    Manual of Childhood Infections is divided into two alphabetized sections for easy access to information, covering key diagnosis and management features of infections alongside crucial points of epidemiology and clinical features. This fourth edition forms practical reading for practising paediatricians, featuring updates to all key chapters based on a literature review alongside new chapters focusing on emerging problems for Europe.

  • 240.00 lei

    This is the first Oxford Companion to deal with the subject of photography. It appears at a watershed in the medium's history, as digital imaging increasingly dominates the global photography scene at both amateur and professional levels. In addition to a

  • 240.00 lei

    Written by Valerie Thomas and illustrated by the one and only Korky Paul, this is the ULTIMATE WINNIE COLLECTION! Titles in this collection: - Winnie the Witch - Winnie in Winter - Winnie Flies Again - Winnie's Magic Wand - Winnie's New Computer - - Winnie at the Seaside - Winnie's Midnight Dragon - Happy Birthday Winnie! - Winnie's Flying Carpet - Winnie's Amazing Pumpkin - Winnie in Space - Winnie Under the Sea - Winnie's Dinosaur Day - Winnie's Pirate Adventure

  • Worlds of Flow
    Ultima bucata in stoc
    250.00 lei

    The first of its kind, this book is an in-depth history of hydrodynamics from its eighteenth-century foundations to its first major successes in twentieth-century hydraulics and aeronautics. It documents the foundational role of fluid mechanics in develop

  • 30600lei 270.00 lei

    Pentru comenzi cu valoare mai mica de 500 lei, se adauga o taxa de livrare de 20 lei.
    • Developed by experts from the ESC Working Group on Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy
    • Completely updated and aligned with the ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines for cardiovascular pharmacotherapy
    • Contains comprehensive A-Z formulary of common and less commonly used cardiac drugs and drug groups
    • Essential reading for consultants, registrars in training, general practitioners, specialist cardiac nurses and cardiovascular pharmacologists
    • Online access to the digital version on Oxford Medicine Online is included with the purchase of the print book
    • Updated online annually

    New to this Edition:

    • Completely updated and aligned with the ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines for prescribing.
    • Updated and comprehensive A-Z formulary.

    This European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Handbook on Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy has been developed by experts from the ESC Working Group on Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy. Its recommendations are aligned with the ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines and based on the most recent scientific evidence in cardiovascular pharmacology and pharmacotherapy. The Handbook provides up-to-date information on pharmacotherapy for cardiovascular disease prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular disease, including ischaemic heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmias, and structural heart disease.

    The Handbook also deals with the important problems of cardiovascular pharmacotherapy in pregnancy and lactation, kidney insufficiency, and liver disease as well as focusing on major drug interactions, a topic of extreme importance in clinical practice. Two large sections of the book provide a comprehensive A-Z formulary of cardiac and non-cardiac pharmacological agents with practical and accessible information on the most important pharmacological aspects of these agents and their use in clinical practice.

    The Handbook represents essential reading for cardiologists, general practitioners, internal medicine specialists, anaesthetists, clinical pharmacologists, geriatricians, obstetricians, and cardiovascular nurse consultants. Junior doctors and trainees in all these specialties are also likely to find this book of help.

    The print edition comes with full access to the online version that will be updated at yearly intervals to keep it up to date.


    Table of Contents

    Section 1: Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, SE: Heinz Drexel, Massimo Piepoli and Josep Perk
    1: Hypertension, Robert Zweiker and Sabine Perl
    2: Dyslipidaemia, Heinz Drexel
    3: Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes, Christoph Säly
    4: Thrombosis, Freek Verheugt
    Section 2: Ischaemic Heart Disease, SE: Sven Wassmann and Alexander Niessner
    1: Acute Coronary Syndromes, Abhiram Prasad and Claire Raphael
    2: Chronic stable angina, Gaetano Antonio Lanza and Antonio De Vita
    3: Coronary artery spasm and microvascular angina, Peter Ong and Udo Sechtem
    4: Takotsubo Syndrome, Alexander Lyon, Mark Sweeney, and Elmir Omerovic
    Section 3: Heart Failure, SE: Faiez Zannad and Theresa McDonagh
    1: Heart failure, Faiez Zannad, Joao Pedro Ferreira, and Theresa McDonagh
    2: Heart transplantation, Finn Gustafsson and Kasper Rossing
    Section 4: Arrhythmias, SE: Antoni Martinez-Rubio and Dan Atar
    1: Atrial fibrillation, George Dan and Jan Steffel
    2: Supraventricular (narrow complex) tachycardias, Julio Martí
    3: Ventricular arrhythmias, Martin Borggrefe, Erol Tülümen, and Josep Brugada
    4: Bradyarrhythmias, Haran Burri
    5: Syncope, Ricardo Ruiz-Granell
    Section 5: Structural heart disease, SE: Claudio Ceconi and Francesca Mantovani
    1: Valvular Heart Disease, Francesca Mantovani
    2: Myocarditis/ Pericardial Syndromes, Giovanni Boffa and Claudio Ceconi
    3: Cardiomyopathy, Giovanni Boffa
    4: Pulmonary Hypertension, James Tonkin, Kate Ryan and Brendan Madden
    Section 6: Management of cardiovascular disease in pregnancy and lactation and in the presence of co-morbidities, SE: Debasish Banerjee and David Goldsmith
    1: Kidney disease, Debasish Banerjee, Robin Ramphul, and David Goldsmith
    2: Pregnancy and lactation, Anita Banerjee, Debasish Banerjee, and Vivek Jha
    3: Liver disease, Nina Hojs, Aftab Ala, and Debasish Banerjee
    Section 7: Major drug interactions, SE: Birgitte Klindt Poulsen and Ljubica Vukelic Andersen
    1: Major drug interactions, Maja Hellfritzsch Poulsen and Marlene Lunddal Krogh
    Section 8: Cardiovascular drugs from A to Z, SE: Juan Tamargo
    1: Cardiovascular drugs from A to Z, Juan Tamargo, Ricardo Caballero and Eva Delpón
    Section 9: Non-cardiac drugs affecting the heart - from A to Z, SE: Juan Tamargo
    1: Non-cardiac drugs affecting the heart, Eva Delpón and Juan Tamargo

  • Mastery, Dependence, and the Ethics of Authority
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    33400lei 300.00 lei

    Mastery, Dependence, and the Ethics of Authority presents a compelling analysis of expertise and authority, and examines classical Confucian conceptions of mastery, dependence, and human relationships in order to suggest new approaches to these issues in ethics and political theory. Contemporary Westerners are heirs to multiple traditions that are suspicious of authority, especially coercive political authority. We are also increasingly wary of dependence, which now often seems to signify weakness, neediness, and pathology. Analysts commonly presume that both authority and dependence threaten human autonomy, and are thus intrinsically problematic. But these judgments are mistaken. Our capacity for autonomy needs to be cultivated over time through deliberate practices of training, in which we depend on the guidance of virtuous and skilled teachers. Confucian thought provides a subtle and powerful analysis of one version of this training process, and of the social supports such an education in autonomy requires-as well as the social value of having virtuous and skilled leaders. Early Confucians also argue that human life is marked by numerous interacting forms of dependence, which are not only ineradicable, but in many ways good. On a Confucian view, it is natural, healthy, and good for people to be deeply dependent on others in a variety of ways across the full human lifespan. They teach us that individual autonomy only develops within a social matrix, structured by relationships of mutual dependence that can either help or hinder it, including a variety of authority relations.

  • 33400lei 300.00 lei

    In The Metaphysics of the Material World, Tad M. Schmaltz traces a particular development of the metaphysics of the material world in early modern thought. The route Schmaltz follows derives from a critique of Spinoza in the work of Pierre Bayle. Bayle charged in particular that Spinoza's monistic conception of the material world founders on the account of extension and its "modes" and parts that he inherited from Descartes, and that Descartes in turn inherited from late scholasticism, and ultimately from Aristotle. After an initial discussion of Bayle's critique of Spinoza and its relation to Aristotle's distinction between substance and accident, this study starts with the original re-conceptualization of Aristotle's metaphysics of the material world that we find in the work of the early modern scholastic Suárez. What receives particular attention is Suárez's introduction of the "modal distinction" and his distinctive account of the Aristotelian accident of "continuous quantity." This examination of Suárez is followed by a treatment of the connections of his particular version of the scholastic conception of the material world to the very different conception that Descartes offered. Especially important is Descartes's view of the relation of extended substance both to its modes and to the parts that compose it. Finally, there is a consideration of what these developments in Suárez and Descartes have to teach us about Spinoza's monistic conception of the material world. Of special concern here is to draw on this historical narrative to provide a re-assessment of Bayle's critique of Spinoza.

  • Hand Surgery: Therapy and Assessment
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    300.00 lei

    Fully revised and updated, the second edition of Hand Surgery has been broadened to reflect the diverse nature of the speciality, providing more detail on hand therapy and alternatives to hand surgery, whilst maintaining surgical techniques in line with current guidelines. The compact format of Hand Surgery, part of the Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Surgery series, is designed to work both as a revision guide, with clearly organised chapters and headings throughout, and as an aide-memoire for fine detail such as pathology classifications. Featuring an authoritative list of contributors from hand surgeons and therapists, this new edition reflects the close working relationships between the two disciplines and draws from the knowledge of experts in the field.

  • 34100lei 310.00 lei

    Risk Factors for Cerebrovascular Disease and Stroke address the relationship of a wide variety of vascular risk factors in the spectrum of cerebrovascular diseases. An international group of professionals the forefront of research and education, provide their expertise about environmental and genetic determinants for cerebrovascular disease and stroke. The authors aim to provide information on developments of genetic, environmental and lifestyle-related risk factors of various subtypes of stroke, and MRI-markers of cerebrovascular disease.

    One in 2 men, and 1 in 3 women after the age of 40, will develop a stroke in their lifetime. The burden of cerebrovascular disease extends far beyond that of acute clinical events such as stroke, with "covert " vascular injury on brain MRI being highly prevalent in older community-dwelling persons. Therefore, improving our understanding of the risk factors for stroke and cerebrovascular disease is of paramount importance for improving prevention strategies. Secular trends in stroke epidemiology, risk factors, and intermediate markers (including carotid ultrasound, brain MRI and circulating biomarkers) are presented. Cutting edge information on genetic, environmental and lifestyle-related risk factors of various subtypes of stroke and MRI-markers of cerebrovascular diseases are displayed. This important book is an essential reference to physicians interested in more effective primary prevention of stroke.

  • 340.00 lei

    This widely acclaimed book has been described by History Today as a 'landmark in the study of the women's movement'. It is the only comprehensive reference work to bring together in one volume the wealth of information available on the women's movement. <

  • 39500lei 350.00 lei

    Clinicians and scientists are increasingly recognising the importance of an evolutionary perspective in studying the aetiology, prevention, and treatment of human disease; the growing prominence of genetics in medicine is further adding to the interest in evolutionary medicine. In spite of this, too few medical students or residents study evolution. This book builds a compelling case for integrating evolutionary biology into undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, as well as its intrinsic value to medicine. Chapter by chapter, the authors - experts in anthropology, biology, ecology, physiology, public health, and various disciplines of medicine - present the rationale for clinically-relevant evolutionary thinking. They achieve this within the broader context of medicine but through the focused lens of maternal and child health, with an emphasis on female reproduction and the early-life biochemical, immunological, and microbial responses influenced by evolution. The tightly woven and accessible narrative illustrates how a medical education that considers evolved traits can deepen our understanding of the complexities of the human body, variability in health, susceptibility to disease, and ultimately help guide treatment, prevention, and public health policy. However, integrating evolutionary biology into medical education continues to face several roadblocks. The medical curriculum is already replete with complex subjects and a long period of training. The addition of an evolutionary perspective to this curriculum would certainly seem daunting, and many medical educators express concern over potential controversy if evolution is introduced into the curriculum of their schools. Medical education urgently needs strategies and teaching aids to lower the barriers to incorporating evolution into medical training. In summary, this call to arms makes a strong case for incorporating evolutionary thinking early in medical training to help guide the types of critical questions physicians ask, or should be asking. It will be of relevance and use to evolutionary biologists, physicians, medical students, and biomedical research scientists.

  • 354.00 lei

    Update of the only concise book available at this level.
    Both tells what birds do and describes the science behind understanding it.
    Clearly written to be accessible to both experts and amateurs.

    The question of how birds migrate

  • Primer on Multiple Sclerosis
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    43300lei 390.00 lei

    Primer on Multiple Sclerosis, 2nd Edition is an updated reference manual for the practicing clinician. It covers the range of information needed to treat persons with MS, beginning with basic science and immunopathology, thorough differential diagnosis, symptom management and disease modifying therapies. This essential book also includes material covering new and experimental strategies as well as a review of commonly used complementary and alternative modalities that are used by persons with MS.Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the most common demyelinating disease of the CNS and the third most common cause of disability among young adults. The complex management issues that are often present in the care of individuals with MS may demand the participation of health care professionals from a variety of disciplines, although the team is usually led by a neurologist. It is therefore essential for the neurologist to have a thorough grounding in the basic science and clinical phenomenology of MS.

    In this second edition of Primer on Multiple Sclerosis, the latest updates on therapeutics are provided, including new medications that have been FDA- approved since the first edition. Includes new diagnostic criteria, as well as any advances made in current diagnostic techniques, e.g. new imaging metrics. Important new information in the basic sciences and pathophysiology of MS is provided as well as newer epidemiologic studies. Treatment algorithms for common symptoms will be expanded, as well as any new guidelines for switching medications for Disease Modifying treatment "failures". The chapter on alternative and complimentary therapies discusses new research on CCSVI. The chapter on legal issues includes information on the putative effect of the Affordable Health Care Act on access to neurologic care and treatments. Finally, there is expanded discussion of progressive forms of MS both from a basic science and treatment perspective.

  • Rewriting History: Changing Perceptions of the Past
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    46000lei 415.00 lei

    In Rewriting History, Dennis Harding addresses contemporary concerns about information and its interpretation. His focus is on the archaeology of prehistoric and early historic Britain, and the transformation over two centuries and more in the interpretation of the archaeological heritage by changes in the prevailing political, social, and intellectual climate. Far from being topics of concern only to academics, the way in which seemingly innocuous issues such as cultural diffusion or social reconstruction in the remote past are studied and presented reflects important shifts in contemporary thinking that challenge long-accepted conventions of free speech and debate.

    Some issues are highly controversial, such as the proposals for the Stonehenge World Heritage sites. Others challenge long-held popular myths like the deconstruction of the Celts, and by extension the Picts. Some traditional tenets of scholarship have yet remained unchallenged, such as the classical definition of civilization itself.

    Why should it matter? Are the shifting attitudes of successive generations not symptomatic of healthy and vibrant debate? Are there grounds for believing that current changes are of a more disquieting character, denying the basic assumptions of rational argument and freedom of enquiry that have been the foundation of western scholarship since the Enlightenment? Re-writing History offers Harding's personal evaluation of these issues, which will resonate not only with practitioners and academics of archaeology, but across a wide range of disciplines facing similar concerns.

  • The Neurologic Examination
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    46800lei 420.00 lei

    Whereas most books about neurologic examinations are disease and anatomy oriented, The Neurologic Examination: Scientific Basis for Clinical Diagnosis focuses on a pathophysiological approach to the nervous system. The authors emphasize that the scientific interpretation of symptoms obtained from carefully taking the patient's history and noting signs found during physical examination are essential in the diagnosis of neurologic diseases, even if laboratory testing, such as electrophysiology and neuroimaging, are being more widely used. This book aims to provide a bridge from the basic sciences such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and molecular biology to the neurologic symptoms. Neurologic examinations provide the foundation for the diagnosis, and only after a thorough and expertly executed examination can one begin to incorporate laboratory testing and treatment.

    The Neurologic Examination: Scientific Basis for Clinical Diagnosis, based on the widely successful Japanese book Diagnosis of Neurological Diseases (Igakushoin, Japan, second edition 2013) by Dr. Shibasaki, hopes to revitalize the use of neurologic examinations before jumping straight into laboratory testing. Doing so can help cut down on time, patient and physician anxiety, and unnecessary testing expenses. This book is a must-read for all practicing neurologists, residents, and medical students.

    Key Features Include
    · The chapters are arranged in order of the actual steps in a neurologic examination;
    · Highly illustrated with figures and tables indicative of the neurologic signs and symptoms that may appear during the given step; and
    · 99 discussion boxes are inserted throughout to provide a more in-depth look at particular topics without interrupting the reading flow of the text.

  • 425.00 lei

    This book presents the first detailed study of Tebtunis, a village in Egypt within the Roman Empire, in the first century AD. It is founded on the archive material of the local notarial office, or grapheion, which was run by a man named Kronion for most of the mid-first century. The archive, unparalleled in antiquity, includes over two hundred documents written on papyrus which attest a wide range of transactions made by the villagers over defined periods of time, in particular the years AD 42 and 45-7 under the reign of the emperor Claudius. This evidence provides a unique insight into various aspects of village life: the level of participation in the written contractual economy; the socio-economic stratification of the village, including the position of women, slaves, priests, and the role of the elite; the functions of associations; the types and importance of agriculture; and non-agricultural activities.

    This multitude of data reveals a highly diversified village economy, a large involvement in written transactions among all the strata of the population, and a rural society living mostly above subsistence level. Tebtunis provides a model of village society that can be used to understand the majority of the population within the Roman Empire who lived outside cities in the Mediterranean, particularly in the other eastern and more Hellenized provinces.

  • 465.00 lei

    Tuberculosis remains one of the most prevalent, deadly, and underdiagnosed infectious diseases in the world. In children, this burden is doubly problematic because of the disease's unique clinical characteristics and its need for special public health and diagnostic techniques. After decades of relative inattention to these factors, childhood tuberculosis has now grown into an important area of competency for child health programs in low-burden areas, including the United States.

    The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Tuberculosis is a state of the art clinical reference written and edited by the world's leading experts in childhood tuberculosis. It offers clinicians in any geography or setting practical, evidence-based advice on all aspects of the disease, including its natural history, epidemiology, presentation, treatment, and prevention — all in a format that synthesizes literature with the clinical experience of the leading authorities in this challenging field.

    As the need for childhood tuberculosis services in child health programs grows, this handbook provides a new benchmark for practitioners and trainees in pediatrics, infectious disease, pulmonary medicine, and public health to better understand this persisting and difficult disease.

    Table of Contents

    1 A Brief History of Childhood Tuberculosis
    Peter R. Donald
    2 Microbiology and Pathology of Tuberculosis
    Anne-Marie Demers, Andrew C. Whitelaw, Kathleen D. Eisenach
    3 Immunology of Tuberculosis
    Beate Kampmann, Elizabeth Whittaker
    4 Natural History of Childhood Tuberculosis
    Ben J. Marais
    5 Global Epidemiology of Childhood Tuberculosis
    Charalambos Sismanidis, Philille Glaziou, Malgosia Grzemska, Katherine Floyd, Mario Raviglione
    6 Diagnosis of Tuberculosis Infection in Children
    Anna M. Mandalakas, Andrew DiNardo
    7 Microbiologic Diagnosis of Tuberculosis Disease in Children
    Mark P. Nicol, Heather J. Zar
    8 Radiology of Childhood Tuberculosis
    Savvas Andronikou, Tracy Kilborn
    9 Diagnosis of Intrathoracic Tuberculosis
    Carlos M. Perez-Velez
    10 Diagnosis of the Most Common Forms of Extrathoracic Tuberculosis in Children
    H. Simon Schaaf, Anthony J. Garcia-Prats
    11 Central Nervous System Tuberculosis in Children
    Ronald van Toorn
    12 Tuberculosis in Adolescents
    Andrea T. Cruz
    13 Tuberculosis in Neonates and Infants
    Adrie Bekker
    14 Tuberculosis in HIV-infected and -Exposed Infants, Children and Adolescents
    Helena Rabie, Mark F. Cotton
    15 Antituberculosis Drugs in Children
    Helen McIlleron
    16 Treatment of Tuberculosis Infection in Children
    Amina Ahmed
    17 Management of Drug-Susceptible Tuberculosis in Children
    Soumya Swaminathan, N Poorana Ganga Devi
    18 Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Children
    James Seddon
    19 Tuberculosis Vaccines: the old and the New
    Kim Connelly Smith, Ian M. Orme, Jeffrey R. Starke
    20 Mycobacterium bovis [non-BCG] in Children
    Jeffrey R. Starke
    21 Public Health and Programmatic Issues for Childhood Tuberculosis
    Jeffrey R. Starke
    22 The Roadmap for Childhood Tuberculosis
    Stephen M. Graham, Anne Detjen

  • 496.00 lei

    This book explains how private parties can activate EC law in order to further their interests. It explores both the mechanisms available to private parties to challenge the legality of EC measures, and the means in place to enforce community law at natio

  • 57100lei 510.00 lei

    • A globally relevant and comprehensive text with an easy-to-update online version in order to keep pace with new developments in this rapidly changing field.
    • Written by an international team of co-editors, with chapters arranged in accordance with the widely accepted WHO classification of tumour subtypes.
    • A comprehensive overview of each of the tumour subtypes, with management plans for both adult and paediatric populations.

    Part of the Oxford Textbooks in Clinical Neurology series, the Oxford Textbook of Neuro-Oncology covers the pathophysiology, diagnosis, classification, and management of tumours of the nervous system. The book provides a comprehensive overview of tumour subtypes, in accordance with WHO classifications, along with management plans for adult and paediatric populations. The international team of co-editors ensures that expert commentaries on existing and wide-reaching diagnostic and treatment guidelines (including NCCN and ESMO) are accessible by a global audience.

  • 57500lei 520.00 lei

    The first real cases video atlas of neuromuscular disorders that is supplemented with multiple-choice questions, and updates on the illustrated topics. It is easy to search and read. It is perfect for preparation to the neurology and neuromuscular boards and an excellent way to update the experts. By replacing the descriptive text with vivid illustrative videos, the reader will have more time to face the intellectual challenges of these cases instead of trying to build a mental picture of these cases first. Short and well-edited video clips from real clinic stories supplemented with challenging multiple choice questions, provides an excellent way to bridge the gap between overflow of information and short attention span. The chapters are arranged according the symptoms instead of diseases, yet, diseases are listed in the index if one wants to see all videos relevant to a specific disease. Close to 300 video cases* taken directly from a real neuromuscular clinic, illustrating a myriad of disorders and shedding light on their diagnosis, and treatment and giving updates about many of them provides an invaluable approach that should benefit any one who is interested in neuromuscular disorders which comprises more than 50% of presenting disease to general neurologists and even to general practitioners. Some rare diseases are also described, giving an opportunity for the new trainees to see them so that they can diagnosed them if they see them again which may not happen very often. *Due to size limitations, the videos are not included with any eBook version.

  • 535.00 lei

    Although the general format of Stress Testing has not been changed in the Fifth Edition, the chapters have been thoroughly revised and updated. 'Take Home' messages are sprinkled throughout the book to emphasize major concepts. The chapter on electrocardiographic changes has been completely reorganized to highlight the importance of unconventional markers of ischemia. Two new chapters cover the role of exercise echocardiography and exercise testing in congestive heart failure.

    ·  1. History of Stress Testing

    ·  2. Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Responses to Exercise

    ·  3. Physiology of Cardiac Ischemia

    ·  4. Indications

    ·  5. Contraindications, Risks, and Safety Precautions

    ·  6. Parameters to Be Measured

    ·  7. Stress Echocardiography

    ·  8. Stress Testing Protocol

    ·  9. Memorial Heart Institute Protocol

    ·  10. Stress Testing After Myocardial Infarction

    ·  11. Stress Testing After Surgical Intervention and Coronary Angioplasty

    ·  12. ECG Patterns and Their Significance

    ·  13. Rhythm and Conduction Disturbances in Stress Testing

    ·  14. Predictive Implications

    ·  15. Stress Testing in Women

    ·  16. Exercise Testing in Congestive Heart Failure

    ·  17. Chest Pain and Normal Coronary Arteries

    ·  18. Blood Pressure Measurements During Exercise

    ·  19. Silent Myocardial Ischemia

    ·  20. Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

    ·  21. Pediatric Exercise Testing

    ·  22. Radionuclide Techniques in Stress Testing

    ·  23. Metabolic Abnormalities and Drugs

    ·  24. Computer Technology and Exercise Testing

  • Oxford Textbook of Neurorehabilitation
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    570.00 lei

    Neurorehabilitation is an expanding field with an increasing clinical impact because of an ageing population. During the last 20 years neurorehabilitation has developed from a discipline with little scientific background, separated from other medical centers, to a medical entity largely based on the principles of 'evidenced based medicine' with strong ties to basic research and clinical neurology. Today neurorehabilitation is still a 'work in progress' and treatment standards are not yet established for all aspects of neurorehabilitation. There are very few books that address contemporary neurorehabilitation from this perspective.

    This volume moves the reader from theory to practice. It provides the reader with an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of neurorehabilitation, as well as a clear idea about how (and why) to approach treatment decisions in individual patients. These clinical recommendations are based on a mix of established evidence and clinical experience that the authors bring to bear on their topics.

  • 575.00 lei

    Written by an international team of authors the Oxford Textbook of Communication in Oncology and Palliative Care integrates clinical wisdom with empirical findings. It draws upon the history of communication science, providing the reader with a comprehensive curriculum for applied communication skills training.

    An essential resource, the Oxford Textbook of Communication in Oncology and Palliative Care is filled with tips and strategies for effective communication about difficult and challenging communication. In focusing on cancer and the end-of-life, it deals with the existential and spiritual challenges found across all of medicine, providing deep insights into what is at stake and how clinicians might optimally respond. This authoritative and wide-ranging book provides clinicians with state-of-the-art and evidence-based guidelines to achieve effective, patient-centred communication in the clinical settings of oncology and palliative care.

    Thoroughly revised and updated, this new edition includes sections on the curriculum for nurses, the core curriculum, and an introductory section on communication science. The chapters embrace specialty issues across the clinical disciplines, from enrolling in clinical trials, working in teams, and discussing genetic risk, to talking about sexuality, infertility, and intercultural issues. An educational perspective is also provided, with chapters covering communication skills training, how to evaluate courses, and international models of training.

  • Core Principles of Acute Neurology 6-Volume SET
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    66400lei 600.00 lei

    This 6-volume SET of the Core Principles of Acute Neurology by Eelco F.M. Wijdicks of Mayo Clinic College of Medicine is a series of short volumes that cover major topics not found in sufficient detail elsewhere and provides useful context in the field of Neurocritical Care. This 6-Volume set includes:
    1. "Recognizing Brain Injury " illustrates how to recognize the consequences of acute brain injury and the treatment of its consequences
    2. "Providing Acute Care " discusses medical care of acutely hospitalized neurologic patients in all its aspects
    3. "Handling Difficult Situations " provides solutions for acute neurologic dilemmas.
    4. "Communicating Prognosis " is written for the neurohospitalist and neurointensivist to best communicate with the family of neurologically injured patient
    5. "Identifying Neuroemergencies " provides practical information on how to best manage and triage patients in the first hour of admission in the Emergency Department
    6. "Solving Critical Consults " is the go-to resource for practical information on how to evaluate complicated neurology consults in the ICU.
    Written specifically for neurologists, neurosurgeons, residents, fellows, emergency physicians, neurointensivists, and neurohospitalists, these volumes are comprehensive and have been written and designed by a leading authority on neurocritcal care. Collectively, this SET represents the most systematic and comprehensive guide currently available.

  • 630.00 lei

    The sixth edition of Ellestad's classic text on cardiac stress testing has been extensively updated and re-written to communicate contemporary understanding of the classical principles of stress testing to clinicians and researchers, students and seasoned practitioners alike. The current techniques for performing stress tests presented herein reflect major technologic advances in imaging, physiologic monitoring and the assessment of cardiovascular risk, addressing fundamental paradigm shifts in interventional, surgical and medical treatment of heart disease. Moreover, the text addresses the dramatic changes that are occurring in patient demographics and the environmental, socioeconomic, gender and genomic factors that crucially impact heart disease and warrant attention when performing cardiac stress testing. Chapters on the physiology of exercise testing including practical details regarding protocols for conducting the stress test, proper supervision, important parameters to be monitored, and the diagnostic and prognostic information to be gleaned from the electrocardiogram set the stage for expanded chapters on the use of cardiac imaging in conjunction with stress testing. Physiologic and metabolic considerations during stress testing are covered in detail. Application of stress testing to special populations, such as women, children, athletes, and individuals in both high and low risk groups are covered in new chapters. Finally, the authors address the use of stress testing in limited resource environments and discuss global changes in the incidence of atherosclerosis, and suggest how stress testing may evolve.

  • 72100lei 650.00 lei

    There has been a rapid global increase in the number of individuals making sleep medicine their career, resulting in an explosive growth in the number of sleep centres and programmes, as well as an increasing number of sleep societies and journals. The Oxford Textbook of Sleep Disorders covers the rapid advances in scientific, technical, clinical, and therapeutic aspects of sleep medicine which have captivated sleep scientists and clinicians. This text aims to introduce sleep disorders within the context of classical neurological diseases, giving an in-depth coverage of the topic in a logical and orderly way, while emphasizing the practical aspects in a succinct and lucid manner.

    Divided into 12 sections, this book begins by discussing the basic science (Section 1), before moving onto the laboratory evaluation (Section 2) and the clinical science (Section 3). The remainder of the book focuses on specific sleep disorders (Sections 4-12), from insomnias and parasomnias to sleep neurology and sleep and psychiatric disorders. Chapters are supplemented by tables, case reports, and illustrations intended to succinctly provide relevant information in a practical manner for diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, while always emphasizing clinical-behavioural-laboratory correlations.

  • 664.00 lei

    Covering both principles and practice, The ESC Textbook of Preventive Cardiology is a 'state of the art' resource for both the primary and secondary prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.
    Comprehensive, practical and extensively linked to practice guidelines and recommendations from the European Association of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation (EACPR), it clearly connects the latest evidence base to strategies and proposals for the implementation of prevention in clinical practice. With a strong clinical focus the topics covered range from epidemiology and risk stratification through psychological factors, behaviour and motivation to secondary prevention, integrating hospital-based and community care for cardiovascular disease prevention and information on cardio-protective drugs. Case studies, clinical decision-making trees and drug tables with recommended doses and potential side-effects make it easier than ever to implement treatments in practice.
    Drawing together current knowledge and evidence, and examining all aspects of preventive cardiology in one succinct volume, The ESC Textbook of Preventive Cardiology is the ideal guide for the physician and allied health professional working to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease in their daily practice 

  • 76000lei 670.00 lei

    The Oxford Textbook of Medical Mycology is a comprehensive reference text which brings together the science and medicine of human fungal disease. Written by a leading group of international authors to bring a global expertise, it is divided into sections that deal with the principles of mycology, the organisms, a systems-based approach to management, fungal disease in specific patient groups, diagnosis, and treatment.

    The detailed clinical chapters take account of recent international guidelines on the management of fungal disease. With chapters covering recent developments in taxonomy, fungal genetics and other "omics", epidemiology, pathogenesis, and immunology, this textbook is well suited to aid both scientists and clinicians.

    The extensive illustrations, tables, and in-depth coverage of topics, including discussion of the non-infective aspects of allergic and toxin mediated fungal disease, are designed to aid the understanding of mechanisms and pathology, and extend the usual approach to fungal disease.

    This textbook is essential reading for microbiologists, research scientists, infectious diseases clinicians, respiratory physicians, and those managing immunocompromised patients. Part of the Oxford Textbook in Infectious Disease and Microbiology series, it is also a useful companion text for students and trainees looking to supplement mycology courses and microbiology training.

  • 805.00 lei

    Through 105 highly-illustrated chapters, Interventional and Endovascular Tips and Tricks of the Trade equips interventional radiologists, surgeons, and cardiologists with unique techniques for solving complex clinical problems that may arise during both vascular and non-vascular procedures. The techniques are presented as succinct steps with particular attention paid to applications, challenges, and potential pitfalls. The accessible outline format and illustrative case examples optimize learning, patient selection, and outcomes. Suggested further readings are included with each technique. The "outside-the-box" strategies presented in this volume are useful solutions to clinical challenges in the ever-evolving field of interventional medicine, with its innovative technology, devices, and procedures.

  • 1,14600lei 915.00 lei

    Niedermeyer's Electroencephalography: Basic Principles, Clinical Applications, and Related Fields, Seventh Edition keeps the clinical neurophysiologist on the forefront of medical advancements. This authoritative text covers basic neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, and neuroimaging to provide a better understanding of clinical neurophysiological findings. This edition further delves into current state-of-the-art recording EEG activity both in the normal clinical environment and unique situations such as the intensive care unit, operating rooms, and epilepsy monitoring suites. As computer technology evolves, so does the integration of analytical methods that significantly affect the reader's interpretations of waveforms and trends that are occurring on long-term monitoring sessions.

    Compiled and edited by Donald L. Schomer and Fernando H. Lopes da Silva, along with a global team of experts, they collectively bring insight to crucial sections including basic principles of EEG and MEG, normal EEG, EEG in a clinical setting, clinical EEG in seizures and epilepsy, complementary and special techniques, event-related EEG phenomena, and shed light on the future of EEG and clinical neurophysiology. Akin to an encyclopedia of everything EEG, this comprehensive work is perfect for neurophysiology fellows, as well as neurology, neurosurgery, and general medical residents, and for the interns and medical students, and is a one-stop-shop for anyone training in EEG or preparing for neurophysiology or epilepsy board exams.

  • 935.00 lei

    The "Oxford Textbook of Medicine" provides all that any doctor needs to know to practise top-level internal medicine. It gives comprehensive coverage of the epidemiology, aetiology, and mechanism of disease, as well as clear, unambiguous coverage of the d

  • Oxford Textbook of Urological Surgery
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    1,25200lei 1125.00 lei

    • Provides you with practical and reliable essentials on all aspects of urological surgical
    • Helps your learning and understanding of the Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum
    • International authorship reflects worldwide best-practice in urological surgery
    • Richly illustrated four colour content with over 500 figures enhances your learning experience

    Offering a comprehensive guide, the Oxford Textbook of Urological Surgery is a practical resource mapped to the curriculum for urological training as approved by the General Medical Council (GMC), making it particularly useful in preparation for the Intercollegiate Examination.

    Presented in a clear and accessible way, this evidence based volume covers all major areas, including functional urology, stone disease, infection, andrology, nephrology, transplantation, uroradiology, and paediatric urology.

    This highly illustrated full colour textbook has an innovative and user-friendly style, including over 500 photographs, clinical images, and line drawings. Bringing together the expertise of over 100 specialist contributors in the field, the Oxford Textbook of Urological Surgery is a highly valuable source of information, and will become the standard reference text for all who study urological disease and its treatment.

  • 1,68900lei 1300.00 lei

    • Emphasizes the developmental roles of genes in the causation of hereditary conditions affecting appearance and function
    • A complete revision of the landmark work called "the best medical book of the 2000s" by American Association of Publishers

    This third edition of Epstein's Inborn Errors of Development provides essays on pathways of development and thoughtful reviews of dysmorphic syndromes for which the causative gene has been identified. The authors of the chapters on each disorder have provided in depth analyses of the role of the gene in the relevant developmental pathway and the mechanism by which mutations in the gene cause the developmental pathology.

    "This is a masterpiece. Exceptional." - Doody's

    "Amazingly comprehensive. This book is an extraordinary accomplishment; no clinical geneticist can function without it." - American Journal of Medical Genetics

    "The editors and authors have excelled in communicating mind-bogglingly complex processes to a very wide readership who may now marvel and consider how lucky we are to be studying, researching, or otherwise employed at such a moment in time." - Human Genetics

  • 1,47200lei 1350.00 lei

    ·                  The Oxford Textbook of Neurological Surgery is an up-to-date, objective and readable text that covers the full scope of neurosurgical practice.

    ·                  The book is split into 20 overarching sections: (Principles of Neurosurgery, Neuro-oncology of Intrinsic Tumours; Extra-axial Tumours and Skull Lesions; Cerebro-Pontine Angle Tumours; Sellar and Supra-Sellar Tumours; Posterior Fossa Tumours; Pineal tumours; Uncommon Tumours and Tumour Syndromes; Neurotrauma and Intensive Care; Vascular Neurosurgery; Principles of Spinal Surgery; Spinal Pathology; Spinal Trauma; Peripheral Nerve Surgery; Functional Neurosurgery; Epilepsy; Paediatric Neurosurgery; Neurosurgery for Cerebrospinal Fluid Disorders and Neurosurgical Infection).

    ·                  Each section takes a dual approach with, 'Generic Surgical Management' chapters that focus on specific clinical problems facing the neurosurgeon and 'Pathology-Specific' chapters.

    ·                  It acts as both a point of reference to provide a focussed refresher for the experienced neurosurgeon as well as a trusted training manual.

    ·                  E-Brain links included in the text

    Neurosurgery is a rapidly developing and technically demanding branch of surgery that requires a detailed knowledge of the basic neuro-sciences and a thorough clinical approach. The Oxford Textbook of Neurological Surgery is an up-to-date, objective and readable text that covers the full scope of neurosurgical practice. It is part of the Oxford Textbooks in Surgery series, edited by Professor Sir Peter Morris.

    The book is split into 20 overarching sections (Principles of Neurosurgery, Neuro-oncology of Intrinsic Tumours; Extra-axial Tumours and Skull Lesions; Cerebro-Pontine Angle Tumours; Sellar and Supra-Sellar Tumours; Posterior Fossa Tumours; Pineal tumours; Uncommon Tumours and Tumour Syndromes; Neurotrauma and Intensive Care; Vascular Neurosurgery; Principles of Spinal Surgery; Spinal Pathology; Spinal Trauma; Peripheral Nerve Surgery; Functional Neurosurgery; Epilepsy; Paediatric Neurosurgery; Neurosurgery for Cerebrospinal Fluid Disorders and Neurosurgical Infection).

    Each section takes a dual approach with, 'Generic Surgical Management' chapters that focus on specific clinical problems facing the neurosurgeon (e.g. sellar/supra-sellar tumour, Intradural Spina Tumours etc.) and 'Pathology-Specific' chapters (e.g. Glioma, Meningeal Tumours, Scoliosis and Spinal Deformity, Aneurysm etc.). Where appropriate, this division provides the reader with easily accessible information for both clinical problems which present in a regional fashion and specific pathologies. The generic chapters cover aspects such as operative approaches, neuroanatomy and nuances.

    Specifically each chapter in the book incorporates several strands. Firstly the fundamental neuroscience (anatomy, pathology, genetics etc.) that underlies the clinical practice. Secondly, a review of the requisite clinical investigations (e.g. angiography, electrodiagnostics, radiology). Thirdly, a thorough evidence based review of clinical practice. Following this a consideration of the key debates and controversies in the field with 'pro-' and 'con-' sections (e.g. minimally invasive spine surgery, microsurgical treatment of aneurysms) is provided. A summary of the key papers and clinical scales relevant to neurosurgery form the concluding part.

    The book is a 'one-stop' text for trainees and consultants in neurosurgery, residents, those preparing for sub-specialty exams and other professionals allied to surgery who need to gain an understanding of the field. It acts as both a point of reference to provide a focussed refresher for the experienced neurosurgeon as well as a trusted training resource.

    Table of Contents

    Section 1: Principles of Neurological Surgery
    1: The History of Neurosurgery, Henry Marsh and Eleni Marts
    2: Clinical Assessment, Peter Bodkin and Elizabeth Visser
    3: Overview of Neuroimaging, Tomasz Matys, Daniel. J. Scoffings, and Tilak Das
    4: Operating Theatre Environment, Neil Kitchen and Jonathan Shapey
    5: Perioperative Care of the Neurosurgical Patient, Derek Duane, Alessandro Scudellari, Karol P Budohoski, and Sylvia Karcheva
    Section 2: Tumours and Skull Base - Intrinsic Tumour
    6: Low Grade Glioma, Hugues Duffau, Lorenzo Bello, and Thomas Santarius
    7: High Grade Gliomas and Molecular Biology of Neurosurgical Oncology, Stephen Price, Harry Bulstrode, and Richard Mair
    8: Intracranial Metastasis, Andrew Brodbelt and Rashed Zakaria
    9: Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma, Boon Leong and Thangaraj Munusamy
    10: Glioneuronal and other epilepsy-associated tumours, Matthias Simon and Alexander Grote
    11: Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery for Brain Tumours, Susan Short
    12: Chemotherapy for Brain Tumours, Nicholas Brown, Daniel Krell, and Paul Mulholland
    13: Surgical Techniques in the Management of Intrinsic Tumours, Mitchel Berger and Shawn Hervey-Jumper
    Section 3: Tumours and Skull Base - Extra-axial and Skull Lesions
    14: Meningiomas & Haemangiopericytoma, Michael McDermott, Thomas Santarius, Harjus Birk, Seunggu J. Han, and Ramez Kirollos
    15: Chordomas and Chondrosarcomas of the skull base, Ossama Al-Mefty and Rami O. Almefty
    16: Dermoid and Epidermoid Cysts, Andrew McEvoy
    17: Esthesioneuroblastoma, Fred Gentili, Lior Gonen, and Georgios Klironomos
    18: Malignant Skull Base Tumours, Benedict Panizza and Adel Helmy
    19: Surgical Management of Tumours of the Orbit, Paul Gardner, Joseph D. Chabot, and S. Tonya Stefko
    20: Skull Lesions, Ivan Tmofeev and Giorgio Gioffre
    21: Surgical Management of Anterolateral Skull Base Lesions, Michael Cusimano and Michael P. Meier
    Section 4: Tumours and Skull Base - CP Angle
    22: Schwannomas, Tiit Mathiesen and Petter Förander
    23: Glomus Tumours, Andrew King and Omar Pathmanaban
    24: Surgical management of cerebellopontine angle and petrous lesions, Andrew Kaye, Nicholas Hall, and Yuval Sufaro
    Section 5: Tumours and Skull Base - Sellar and Supra Sellar Tumours
    25: Pituitary Tumours, Kanna Gnanalingham, Zsolt Zador, Tara Kearney, Federico Roncaroli, and H Rao Gattamaneni
    26: Craniopharyngioma and Rathke's Cleft cysts, Rudolf Fahlbusch, V. Gerganov, and H. Metwali
    27: Surgical Management of Sellar and Suprasellar Tumours, William Couldwell and Jayson A. Neil
    Section 6: Tumours and Skull Base - Posterior Fossa
    28: Medulloblastoma, James Rutka
    29: Ependymoma, Christopher Chandler
    30: Haemangioblastoma, Donald McArthur and Ammar Natalwala
    31: Surgical Approaches to Posterior Fossa Tumours, Jacques Morcos, Osaama Khan, and Ashish Shah
    Section 7: Tumours and Skull Base - Intraventricular
    32: Intraventricular Tumours, Paul Grundy and Vasileios Apostolopoulos
    33: Colloid Cyst, Paul Chumas and Asim Sheikh
    34: Choroid Plexus tumours, Shlomi Constantini, Jonathan Roth, and Rina Dvir
    35: Surgical Management of Intraventricular Lesions, Guilherme Ribas, Eduardo Ribas, and Ramez W Kirollos
    Section 8: Tumours and Skull Base - Pineal
    36: Pineal Tumours, Michael Jenkinson, Mueez Waqar, Samantha Mills, and Conor L Mallucci
    37: Surgical management of pineal region lesions, Nicolas de Tribolet, Christoph M Woernle, and René Bernays
    Section 9: Tumours and Skull Base - Tumour Syndromes
    38: Neurophakomatoses, Timothy Jones, Fay Greenway, and Frances Elmslie
    39: Uncommon Brain Lesions, Thomas Santarius, Hani Marcus, and Yizhou Wan
    Section 10: Neurotrauma and Intensive Care
    40: Epidemiology of head injury and outcome after head injury, Nabeel Alshafai and Andrew Maas
    41: Pathophysiology of Traumatic Brain Injury, Geoffrey Manley, John K. Yue, Hansen Deng, Ethan A. Winkler, John F. Burke, and Catherine Suen
    42: Intensive Care Management of Head Injury, Martin Smith and Matthew A. Kirkman
    43: Surgical Management of Head Injury, Randall Chesnut, Hadie Adams, Angelos Kolias, Peter Hutchinson, and Adel Helmy
    44: Complications of head injury, Antonio Belli, Fardad T. Afshari, and Peter C Whitfield
    45: Concussion and Sports Related Head Injury, Mark Wilson
    Section 11: Vascular Neurosurgery
    46: Normal Cerebrovascular Physiology and Vascular Anatomy, Diederik O. Bulters and Andrew Durnford
    47: The Pathophysiology of Aneurysms, Neal Kassell, Giuseppe Lanzino, and Federico Cagnazzo
    48: The Pathophysiology of Subarachnoid Haemorrhage, Jason McMillen
    49: Management of Subarachnoid Haemorrhage, Michael Lawton and Roberto Rodriguez
    50: Arteriovenous Malformation and Dural Arteriovenous Fistulae, Michael Morgan
    51: Carotid Artery Disease and Cerebral Ischaemia, Mohsen Javadpour, Kieron Sweeney, and A. O'Hare
    52: Extracranial-Intracranial Bypass for Cerebral Ischaemia, Peter Kirkpatrick and Mathew Guilfoyle
    53: Giant Aneurysms and Bypass Surgery, Mario Teo, Michael Lawton, and Omar Choudhri
    54: Spontaneous Intracranial Haematoma, Andreas W. Unterberg and Berk Orakcioglu
    55: Cavernoma and angiographically occult lesions, Hiren Patel and Janneke van Beijnum
    Section 12: Spinal Surgery - Principles
    56: Surgical Principles in spinal surgery, Simon Thomson, Chris Derham, and Senthil Selvanathan
    57: Spinal stability, Peter Loughenbury and Richard M Hall
    58: Spinal physiology, Sadaquate Khan, Kevin Tsang, and Lamia Nayeb
    59: Medical pathologies of the spinal cord, Chris McGuigan, Karen O'Connell, Eavan McGovern, and Iain McGurgan
    Section 13: Spinal Surgery
    60: Cervical Spinal Disease, Navin Furtado, Georgios Tsermoulas, and Adikarige Haritha Dulanka Silva
    61: Thoracic Spinal Disease, Ciaran Bolger, Kieron Sweeney, and Catherine Moran
    62: Lumbar Spinal Disease, Matt Crocker and Chris Kellett
    63: Spinal Tumours, John Brecknell and Quah Boon Leong
    64: Vascular Lesions of the Spinal Cord, Daniel Walsh
    65: Spinal cerebrospinal fluid dynamics, Graham Flint
    66: Scoliosis and Spinal Deformity, Peter Milner and Nigel Gummerson
    Section 14: Spinal Trauma
    67: Managing Spinal Cord Trauma, Edward Benzel, Bryan Lee, and Saksith Smithason
    68: Cervical Spine Injuries, Calan Mathieson, Chris Barrett, and Likhith Alakandy
    69: Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Injuries, Bedansh Roy Chaudhary
    70: Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation, Fahim Anwar, Wail Ahmed, Tamara Tajsic, Damiano G. Barone, and Harry Mee
    Section 15: Peripheral Nerve Surgery
    71: Elecrodiagnostics, Alan Forster and Robert Morris
    72: Entrapment Syndromes, Grainne Bourke
    73: Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Injuries, Jonathan Perera and Marco Sinisi
    74: Peripheral Nerve Tumours, Ricin Trivedi and Vincent Nga
    Section 16: Functional Neurosurgery
    75: Principles of Deep Brain Stimulation, Alex Green, Tipu Aziz, and Erlick Pereira
    76: Movement Disorders, Keyoumars Ashkan and Ismail Ughratdar
    77: Spasticity, John Goodden, Catherine Hernon, and Brian Scott
    78: Pain pathophysiology and surgical management, Richard Mannion and Rokas Tamosauskas
    79: Cranial Nerve Vascular Compression Syndromes, Marc Sindou and George Georgoulis
    80: Neurosurgical interventions for psychiatric disorders, Bart Nuttin, Loes Gabriels, and Chris Bervoets
    Section 17: Epilepsy
    81: Diagnosis and Assessment, Richard Selway
    82: Classification of Seizures and Epilepsy, Andrew McEvoy, Tim Wehner, and Victoria Wykes
    83: Surgical Management of Epilepsy, Johannes Schramm
    Section 18: Paediatrics
    84: Developmental Disorders of the brain, Colin Ferrie and Daniel Warren
    85: Spinal development and spinal dysraphism, Dominic Thompson
    86: Craniofaciosynostosis : syndromic and non-syndromic craniofacial anomalies, Federico Di Rocco, Pierre-Aurelien Beuriat, and Eric Arnaud
    87: Special Considerations in Paediatric Head and Spinal Trauma, Andrew Kay, Desiderio Rodrigues, Melanie Sharp, and Guirish Solanki
    88: Paediatric Brain Tumours, Shlomi Constantini and Jonathan Roth
    89: Paediatric Hydrocephalus, Conor Malucci, Matt Bailey, and Chris Parks
    90: Paediatric neurovascular disorders, Atul Tyagi, Helen McCullagh, Tony Goddard, and Tufail Patankar
    91: Paediatric Epilepsy, Martin Tisdall and Sophia Varadkar
    Section 19: CSF Disorders
    92: Hydrocephalus and Normal CSF Dynamics, Harold Rekate and Alexander Gamble
    93: Shunt Technology and Endoscopic Ventricular Surgery, Ian K. Pople and William Singleton
    94: Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, Nicole Keong
    95: Pseudotumour cerebri Syndrome, John D. Pickard and Nicholas Higgins
    96: Arachnoid Cysts, Stana Bojanic and Ruichong Ma
    Section 20: Infection
    97: Microbiology, Walter Hall
    98: Cranial infections, Eugene Yang, Thangaraj Munusamy, and Boon Hoe Tan
    99: Spinal infection, Nicholas Haden and Edward White

  • 1,66700lei 1362.00 lei

    • Covers central aspects of the field of cognitive neuroscience, including its history and historically important foundational research areas
    • A must-have resource for students and researchers interested in the current state of knowledge in cognitive neuroscience and related fields
    • Part of THE OXFORD LIBRARY OF PSYCHOLOGY series Cognitive neuroscience is a rich and complex discipline, some 35 years after the term was coined. Given the great expanse of the field, an inclusive and authoritative resource such as this handbook is needed for examining the current state-of-the-science in cognitive neuroscience.
    Spread across two volumes, the 59 chapters included in this handbook systemically survey all aspects of cognitive neuroscience, spanning perception, attention, memory, language, emotion, self and social cognition, higher cognitive functions, and clinical applications.
    Additional chapters cover topics ranging from the use of top-down cognitive processes in visual perception to the representation and recognition of objects and spatial relations; attention and its relationship to action as well as visual motor control; language and related core abilities including semantics, speech perception and production, the distinction between linguistic competence and performance, and the capacity for written language. Special coverage is also given to chapters describing the psychopharmacology of cognition, the theory of mind, the neuroscience underlying the regulation of emotion, and neuropsychological and neuroimaging evidence that supports the special status of self-knowledge in memory.
    This handbook provides a comprehensive compendium of research on cognitive neuroscience that will be widely accessible to students, researchers, and professionals working in this exciting and growing field. Readership: Intended for graduate students, researchers, and scholars studying brain science and related fields.

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