Insular Epilepsies

Insular Epilepsies

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An aparitie: 31 Jan 2022

The role of the insular cortex in epilepsy has been largely neglected until very recently. With growing interest in insular epilepsies, this book provides unique, in-depth coverage of the condition from childhood to adulthood. Detailed description of the anatomy, vascularization, connectivity, and functions of the insula along with complete description of the semiology, neurophysiology, and neuroimaging of insular epilepsy helps clinicians better recognize the condition. Up-to-date treatment avenues are explored, guiding the management of patients, including drug-resistant cases suitable for neurosurgery. Authors come from a range of backgrounds, providing a multidisciplinary perspective essential to all health professionals involved in epilepsy diagnosis and treatment. A scratch-off code in the inside cover allow users access to an online equivalent of the book, featuring videos illustrating the semiology of the various forms of insular seizures. This authoritative overview provides clinicians with the necessary information to treat this under-recognized condition.


Entirely devoted to insular cortex epilepsy, this book provides unique, in-depth coverage of the condition lacking in many major epilepsy textbooks, raising awareness of this long-neglected type of epilepsy

Contains detailed descriptions of insular epilepsy semiology, neurophysiology and neuroimaging, allowing readers to better recognize the condition and how best to investigate it

Describes a range of treatment avenues, ensuring readers are aware of the best treatment options available and can tailor them to each patient

Multidisciplinary in nature, a range of health professionals provide key insights into both diagnosis and treatment, as well as explaining the role and functions of the insula from a neuroscience perspective

Gain full HTML access of the whole book, with supplementary videos to illustrate the semiology of the various forms of insular seizures, via a scratch-off code inside the cover



Table of Contents:


1. A brief history of insular cortex epilepsy François Dubeau
Part I. The human insula: Viewpoint from Epileptology:
2. Anatomy of the insula Alexander Hammers
3. Vascularization of the insula: Key points for safe epilepsy surgery Naoki Ikegaya and Masaki Iwasaki
4. Structural connectivity of the insula Jimmy Ghaziri, Phillip Fei, Laurent Petit and Dang Khoa Nguyen
5. Functional connectivity of the insula Leila Ayoubian, Jean-Didier Lemaréchal and Olivier David
6. Interoceptive integration in the primate insular cortex Henry C. Evrard
Part II. The spectrum of epilepsies involving the insula:
7. Clinical presentation of opercular-insular epilepsy in adults Laurence Martineau, Dang Khoa Nguyen and Jean Isnard
8. Clinical presentation of operculo-insular epilepsy in children Michael S. Duchowny, Delphine Taussig and Petia S. Dimova
9. Are painful seizures specific to insular epilepsy? Alexandra Montavont, Laure Mazzola, Genevieve Demarquay and Jean Isnard
10. The role of the insula in temporal lobe epilepsy and temporal lobe 'plus' epilepsies Carmen Barba and Philippe Kahane
11. Insular-origin seizures with frontal presentation Koichi Hagiwara, Steve A. Gibbs, Sylvain Rheims and Lino Nobili
12. The role of the insula in SUDEP Samden Lhatoo and Nuria Lacuey
Part III. Non-invasive investigation of insular epilepsy:
13. Non-invasive electrophysiological investigations in insular epilepsy Raluca Pana, Laurence Martineau, Ismail Mohamed, Tao Yu and Dang Khoa Nguyen
14. Structural imaging of insular epilepsy Andreas V. Alexopoulos
15. PET and SPECT in insular epilepsy Francine Chassoux and Jean-Paul Soucy
16. Neuropsychology of insular epilepsy Olivier Boucher, Sallie Baxendale, Alain Bouthillier and Dang Khoa Nguyen
Part IV. Invasive investigation of insular epilepsy:
17. Invasive investigation of insular epilepsy: Indications and preplanning Philippe Ryvlin and Fabienne Picard
18. Invasive investigation of insular epilepsy: Surgical techniques Alexander G. Weil and Francesco Cardinale
19. Qualitative interpretation of intracranial EEG in insular epilepsy Lorella Minotti, Rinki Singh, Guillaume Martin, Dominique Hoffmann, Laurence Martineau and Philippe Kahane
20. Quantitative intracranial EEG signal analysis in insular epilepsy Fabrice Bartolomei, Nicolas Roehri, Francesca Pizzo and Rinki Singh
21. Electrical stimulation of the human insular cortex Laure Mazzola, Jean Isnard and François Mauguière
Part V. Surgical management of insular epilepsy:
22. Insular epilepsy surgery: Surgical techniques and experience of various centers Alain Bouthillier, Stephan Chabardes, Massimo Cossu and Jorge Gonzalez-Martinez
23. SEEG-guided radiofrequency thermocoagulation of insular epileptic foci Alice Rucar, Jean Isnard and Marc Guenot
24. Neurostimulation for the treatment of insular cortex epilepsy Patricia C. Dugan and Barbara C. Jobst
25. Laser interstitial thermal therapy (LITT) for insular epilepsy Azeem A. Rehman, Dave F. Clarke and Mark R. Lee.

An aparitie 31 Jan 2022
Autor Dang Nguyen , Jean Isnard , Philippe Kahane
Editura Cambridge University Press
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9781108772402
Limba Engleza
Nr pag 243
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